Havoc Mini Complete Scooter - Green

Havoc Mini Complete Scooter - Green

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Havoc Mini Complete Scooter - Green

The new 2018 Havoc Pro Scooters range of completes have just landed in Australia. 

Canada's biggest scooter brand, Havoc Pro Scooters, has been making waves in the scooter scene across North America and have been hugely received since their arrival on Australian shores in 2016!

The Mini Complete Scooter is Havoc's top of the line entry level scooter manufactured to an overall height of 650mm (25.59”)perfect for the younger generation.

This complete scooter comes almost completely pre built, simply slide the handlebars onto the fork and tighten the clamp. All you have to do is take it out of the box, strap on your helmet and you are ready to go!

WEIGHT 2.8kg (6.17lbs)
OVERALL HEIGHT* 650mm (25.59”)
BAR HEIGHT** 420mm (216.53”)
BAR WIDTH 435mm (17.12”)
DECK LENGTH^ 410mm (16.14”)
DECK WIDTH 115mm (4.52”)
FOOT SPACE^^ 260mm (10.23”)
  • * Overall height is measured from the ground to the top of the bars.
  • ** Bar height is measured from where the bar sits on the scooter.
  • ^ Deck length is measured from the front of the deck plate to the rear and does not include the distance to the head tube.
  • ^^ Foot space is the space between the neck tube and the brake and is the physical area that you can stand on.