Introducing The Nuke Range

The whole team here at Sk8One is super proud to announce our new range of Nuke boards, created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

We have made sure to create a board to suit every rider, so we've got you covered no matter what your preference. 

Together with the launch of the Nuke range of Electric Skateboards we decided to create a TV spot showing off our new flagship electric skateboard, The Nuke Folding Electric Skateboard.



The Ultimate Commuter - Nuke Folding Electric Skateboard

Electric boards have been helping us hack our commutes for years now. But at sk8one, we wanted to make your commute even easier.

While penny boards have been the most popular commuter boards due to their size and weight, they are limited by the power they can put down. We wanted to give you something more powerful but still portable to make your daily commute faster and more streamlined.

The Nuke folding electric longboard is the answer! it has the portability of a penny board, with the size and power of a longboard.

Featuring a combined dual motorised power of 1400W, hill climbing capabilities of up to a 20% gradient, max speed of 35KM/H and regenerative hubs that feed you more power as you ride, the nuke is a real beast for your daily riding!

Nuke Folding Foldable Portable Electric Skateboard

Light and Nimble - Nuke Electric Pennyboard 

The penny board is a true classic, zipping around town for casual rides is where this board really shines. 

If you are always on the go and need a little extra speed, this is the board for you!

Reaching full charge in only 1.5 hours, a super light weight of just 3.5kg, and the new cutout handle means you can just grab your board and go!

Nuke Portable Electric Skateboard Penny Board 

The off-road monster - Nuke Electric Off-Road 

Want some real adventure? Power, durability, and agility make the Nuke off road electric skateboard really shine.

Putting out an insane 3300W of power, speeds of up to 35KM/H, and beefy pneumatic tyres makes shredding through rough terrain and climbing hills a breeze.

Nuke OffRoad Off Road Powerful Electric Skateboard

The Cruiser - Nuke Electric Longboard

The classic style longboard will always be a favourite, and is a great all-rounder for casual fun rides, or an alternative to the penny board if you want something larger with a little more power.

Travel up to 20KM on one charge with top speeds of 28KM/H and featuring the cut-out grab handle for portability, the Nuke electric longboard is a perfect fir for those who want one board for everything.