It's All About The Sk8One!

Sk8One Electric One Wheel Skateboard

Take back full control of your riding with the Sk8One. The electric board that lets you ride like a pro!

We wanted to feel like we are truly riding our boards again, rather than being boosted by a motor and gripping a remote. Thats why we worked long and hard to create the Sk8One. 


One Wheel Skateboard Sk8One Electric Technical Specs

The future of electric boards is intuitive and handsfree!

With the Sk8One you can ride without a remote control with our intuitive gyro-drive system, experienced skaters feel like they are truly riding again and tuning their skills, while new riders can feel confident and in control with no previous experience! 

Introducing the innovative Sk8One one-wheel electric board! Sk8One offers you the opportunity to express yourself in a style you may never have experienced before, riding the Sk8One is simple. Experience exciting snowboard style skating year-round on any terrain! 


Sk8 One Frame Electric Skateboard

What is this? Magic? How does it work?

The Sk8One uses the latest advanced acceleration systems, gyroscopic balancing technology and uni-directional freeriding, you will be able to experience the freedom and motion that usually takes years to master.

The ultra-durable pneumatic tires allow you to adjust the rebound and feed-back until you are comfortable with your Sk8One's feel. Be it on soft sand, off road and rocks to pavement parks or bitumen, just set and forget. Adjusting riding style to suit any condition is a breeze! 

When you make the transition to Sk8One, you’ll experience built-in sensors that act intuitively. 

These engage and disengage the gyro-drive system that gives you total hands-free control! 

This is because the gryo-drive processors calculate by the millisecond to generate feedback for rider while providing balance assist. 

This gives you with the ability to perform a previously inconceivable concept, while turning the heads of those you pass by.


One Wheel Skateboard Gyroscopic Fast Electric Skateboard

Getting Started

To get your Sk8One started, step on the rear sensor and engage control. For your first attempt be sure to have assistance with balance and with your front foot in place, gently transition your weight just like trying to balance on a parallel plane. When you are comfortable slightly increase the weight on the front foot and this will engage motion.

To stop, return your balance to the centre or change directions. Increase pressure to the rear to turn, but this will take time. Transition your weight from heel to toe, depending on the way you wish to turn. We suggest making a slow figure of eight to practice.

To dismount roll your foot to the rear of the board, to disengage the sensors and then step off.

Never disengage when in motion.


Sk8One Electric Skateboard Top Down

Want more? Well, we have some extra treats for you...

Connect to the sk8one smartphone app, which allows you to track your rides, monitor speeds, distance, battery levels and even set custom controls! 

Want music on the go? The sk8one has built-in WiFi and speakers, so you’ll never miss a beat while you skate.


Sk8One Electric Skateboard Range